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Wooden Saddles

What are wooden saddles ?

The wooden saddles are used for cylindrical components that cannot be placed directly on the floor or they are also called as traditional transverse braces. The wooden saddles are used for the transport or storage of pipes, tanks, wind boom section, silos, heat exchangers, etc. They can be built with a variety of curvatures, which can be covered in fabric or rubberized materials, permitting the packing of any types of objects regardless of shape.

Why do you need to buy wooden saddles from Wood Mat India ?

WOODMAT INDIA designs and manufactures wooden beds (saddles or cradles) suitable for transporting and storing goods that cannot stand by themselves, that need support, or that may not touch the floor.Such as oval and round products (like wind sections & boilers and pipes) and installations with an irregular underside or parts that need extra Support.Our custom-made wooden saddles provide extra support to your product during transit and storage.

Our premium quality wooden saddles are an ideal choice for boilers, pipes, and other round and oval products. Businesses also use it for products that can’t stand by themselves. Wood Mat India , wooden saddles do not compromise with their quality of goods & service delivered.

Major aspects to choose wood mat india

Products Are ISPM 15 Certified

‘Woodmat india ‘wooden saddles are heat-treated and comply with ISPM15 standards. International Standards For Phytosanitary Measure No.15 is a standard for packaging that mainly focuses on disease and inspects transmission across the boundaries.

Accurate Dimensions

Wooden saddles designed based on the dimensions, shape, and weight of the product. It also provides wooden saddles in various dimensions that are ready to ship once you confirm the order.The customized wooden saddles are made in such a way that they can handle all types of issues during transport. The mode of transport and route is considered while designing the wooden saddles.

Extra Protection Facility For Enhanced Safety

If necessary, you can raise the requirement for extra protection and we ensure that your needs are met. As part of enhanced safety measures, We put anti-slip mats for displacement prevention and also use protective foams and vibration damping for scratch prevention.

Quality Product At Low Prices

Our high-quality wooden saddles cater to the varied requirements of businesses. The oval frames over the saddles come with a handy shelf in them. Wooden saddles with all these features are available at very reasonable rates.

Intricate feature of our Wooden Saddles

  • High loading capacity (500-2000KG)
  • Premium quality wood as raw material
  • Manufactured using world class machinery
  • Flexible to use in different working conditions
  • Lightweight yet highly durable in nature
  • High level of water resistance
  • Unbeatable price & best quality