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Swamp and Wetlands

Being biggest obstacle for the project

Projects in swamp or wetland areas are the most difficult one. Sometimes moving heavy equipment through these soft, muddy soils may be extremely difficult. Mud can become caked in tires and treads, leading to messy job sites and damage to machinery. In the worst case, the extreme weight of trucks, bulldozers and other heavy equipment can cause lasting damage to the fragile ecosystems of these areas.

Fortunately, swamp access mats made of durable hardwood timbers can solve a variety of the problems builders encounter when working in wetland environments. Flexible, cost-effective and relatively easy to use, swamp mats made by WOODMATINDIA can provide stability, safety and security in a number of ways.

What Can Timber Mats Do In Swamp Conditions?

When working in environmentally sensitive areas, swamp mats for excavators protect the delicate vegetation and wildlife habitats by reducing the pressure to the ground by heavy machinery and prevent it from disturbing fragile structures. Laying temporary roads and staging platforms using construction mats in wetlands creates solid footing for crews and heavy vehicles.Deployment of workers and vehicles to move throughout the project zone without picking up dirt in wheels or tracks.Keeping machines cleaner also helps ensure that they’ll experience fewer mechanical problems and require less maintenance.