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Renewable Energy

Challenges in renewable solution

Renewable solutions like wind and solar farms are rising to meet our energy requirements. It is the most challenging and labor intensive for a number of reasons.forecasting the size and scope of the project.The windmills and solar panels machinery needed to construct according to project size and scope., contractors have to count on the stability of their equipment to ensure safety and accuracy. In addition, the remoteness of these sites can make getting to and from the job site difficult. Movement of heavy equipment may damage the fragile ecosystem. So it should be considered and planned to protect and prevent the damage. In such circumstances Wood mat india comes in handy with a wide variety of access solutions.

Why Are Wind and Solar Power Construction Mats Necessary?

Wind farms, solar panels and other renewable energy projects are being developed in desolate areas throughout the country, requiring access and matting support for the large turbines and various heavy-duty machines used in their installation. Additionally, to complete these projects, solar and wind farm access roads are required for ground pressure reduction and to create stable platforms.

Wood mat India provides land protection in remote areas, equipment and material support. It provides wind mats and solar farm access solutions to support this growing industry with the largest inventory nationwide.our other products in the sector are:

  • Bridge mats for creating pathways over trenches
  • Skids for elevating components when necessary
  • Hardwood timber mats for building temporary roadways and platforms
  • Outrigger mats for providing support of large cranes
  • Cross-laminated timber mats for use in situations where lightweight matting can be deployed
  • 3-ply laminated mats for use as roadways or surface decking

Without wood access mats for solar farms and wind power projects, contractors may risk unsafe conditions as well as noncompliance with environmental regulations.