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Midstream Construction

Connecting Midstream Industries !

Oil and gas transmission projects mostly take place in isolated and least developed parts of the country. Contractors should face the challenge of using the limited access to the location. They also held responsibility to balance their work with sensitivity considering fragile ecosystems around their job sites. In such situations midstream construction mats are to the rescue by creating temporary roadways and staging areas that are essential. Wood Mat India is the leading provider of pipeline mats. Reach us now !

How Do Mats Benefit Midstream Construction?

Midstream constructions typically take place in remote and wet areas. When pipeline construction occurs, it is inevitable for heavy equipment to reach their respective projects safely. Temporary roads are made of durable hardwood timbers, they create a sturdy base that allows cranes, trucks and other heavy-duty machinery to get to places where roads often do not reach.

In addition to creating temporary roads, reducing ground pressure by providing weight stabilization is critical in any project. Our pipeline construction mats are laid with precision to ensure any machinery can cross anywhere a pipeline may be constructed. This has the added benefit of creating fewer disturbances in wetlands and other ecologically sensitive territories.