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Civil work Construction

Making contractors work much easier !

Contractors who work in the civil market build projects for the common good. The work includes roads, bridges, highways and utilities that keep their communities safe and thriving. Still some of the projects take place in remote or underdeveloped areas. In some cases, the site may feature unstable soils or ecologically sensitive wetlands. This makes contractors work way harder. To make the work much convenient , Civil construction mats from WOODMATINDIA can solve issues concerning access and protecting the environment.

Civil Mats to the rescue !

Construction of new roads, freeways, highways, buildings, water or sewer systems, and the growing inner-city transportation systems requires access support and stability. Throughout the country, roadway improvements, water system upgrades and commercial buildings are on the rise. To effectively complete these projects, access mats are necessary to protect the construction area and reduce ground pressure as well as support heavy machinery and supplies.

When civil mats are used as temporary roadways and staging areas, it provides a stable and secure foundation for large-scale machinery.It may not be possible for cranes, dump trucks and other essential machines to reach vital areas without mats.

They also serve an important purpose because they disperse the pressure exerted on the soil by tires and treads. This helps preserve areas where delicate ecosystems might otherwise be damaged by the activity. When utilized properly, these can reduce the impact crews have on the environment around them.