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Access Mats

Being Who You Needed !

Access mats are also called equipment mats, construction mats, temporary road mats or heavy equipment mats. It creates a surface on which construction equipment can function. Without mats, construction equipment ; such as cranes, excavators and trucks has to trudge through or be positioned on dirt, unstable soil, wet creeks or rocky surfaces. Construction mats can be used to create temporary roadways and bridges. This allows construction equipment to pass or creates a solid base on which the equipment can be positioned to do the task that it is designed to perform.

Temporary roads are the savior !


Heavy construction equipment can be damaging to the environment. It also causes unstable soil to sink, altering the natural appearance of the area. Heavy equipment mats can help better and support the weight of the equipment.This helps to protect the environment from creating scenic damage.


The heavy equipment may begin to sink when the ground is wet, soil is soft, or the ground is uneven. If an equipment starts sinking, it has to be dug or pulled out, which can take hours. This creates project delays and that can be avoided simply by using access mats.


Construction equipment can be damaged if it is used on unstable ground. The tires may wear faster or the equipment can tip. Construction mats help support the weight of the construction equipment, protecting it from wear and damage.