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Upstream Construction

Challenges faced in upstream construction

Upstream is a term for the operations stages in the oil and gas industry that involve exploration and production. It involves many sector people to work on with precise planning and execution .Building projects for the upstream energy market is one of the most difficult forms of construction. Contractors have to work in remote, unforgiving terrain with numerous environmental concerns. Yet they also have to support extremely large drill rigs and other heavy machines. Coordinating access to sites without paved roads nearby, creating a safe platform for activity, and protecting the natural ecosystem are important.

In such circumstances here pipelines are some of the most challenging projects a contractor can face. However, the conditions and obstacles that often accompany these types of jobs certainly don’t make the work any easier. Instance like, extreme weather can transform the terrain into a soupy or slippery mess overnight.

The remote nature of many of these job sites typically means there are no existing roads to handle the equipment. Building pathways that are stable enough to support machinery isn’t cost-effective, considering they’ll only be needed for a short time.Using mats for upstream construction access can help solve these issues. Easy to set up and tear down, our hardwood timber mats provide stability and traction where they’re needed most.

What kind of mats are used for upstream construction ?

These products provide temporary roads across all types of terrain. Oil rig mats also are used to construct drill site platforms and parking pads in the downstream energy market. In some remote areas, we provide various solutions to ensure the completion of challenging projects while providing the necessary ground support for heavy equipment.Connect with us now to know more appropriate solutions for your projects.