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Magic Infrastructure ( Wood mat India ) is the largest wood solution supplier for all streamline constructions & energy projects in india. Pioneering the Industry since 1998. It is the one stop solution for Products like Access mats, Wooden Saddles, Wooden Pallets, Timber Trading for energy Projects.

Wood mat India guarantees 100% client satisfaction with the price and the product.It offers economies of scale and variety of Construction Production mats / Wooden Saddles; close proximity to any projects.It Specialised in Wind & Solar Energy solutions anywhere in India.

We Are Prepared For Your Every Move

Since 1998, Magic Infrastructure provides Wooden Mats / Wooden saddles / industrial Packing & Pallets service for all areas of the Energy Industry, including Midstream, Upstream, Downstream transmission and distribution. No matter what your Industry or Size of Your Projects. We can Provide the right solution to ensure your projects run efficiently.

We reach your needs, even if there is no road !

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Get your project done on time with our access mat. Talk to our expert and find your best access solution.